Portable Storage Indianapolis

Our storage division can take care of a wide array of your storage needs in Indianapolis. We have handled everything from residential storage for your personal belongings, construction site storage for your valuable equipment and supplies and storage for restoration needs after a disaster. We apply the same principles of timeliness from our waste division to our storage division. With our unique delivery system, we deliver all of our storage containers in house and using the same trucks as our storage containers.

Aside from just storage, this division also houses a wide array of services. The containers we use are very flexible and we can build out any container to fit specific needs. Everything from mobile offices, temperature controlled storage needs, and anything in between. If you have a need for storage, working, or even living space, we can work through solutions.

One such unique option we have is a portable party container that you can use for tailgating, birthday parties, corporate events and anything in between. For additional information on the party container, please call our office!


Find the right portable storage size for your needs.
Search each strategic waste removal size to find the right storage container for your next project. Our smallest three storage containers have been modeled to take up roughly the same ground space as a minivan. This specific designs and waste removal size allows us to be able to get in the harder to reach places, making demolition and removal easier for residential projects. Our three larger storage container sizes have enough space for large commercial renovations and construction, without compromising the ability to easily maneuver.

10 Cubic Yard Container

Waste Removal Size: 10 Cubic Yard Container

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40 Cubic Yard Container

Waste Removal Size: 40 Cubic Yard Container

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20 Cubic Yard Container

Waste Removal Size: 20 Cubic Yard Container

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Party Box

Waste Removal Size: Party Box

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